Finding a holiday that suits all of the family

An article looking at how a boating holiday can be ideal for families who want to spend some time together and include something that everyone is happy with.

Organising a family holiday can be quite a stressful event. First, there is the combining of diaries for each parent and the kids to find some mutually agreeable dates and then there is the task of finding a location that each of the party will be happy with. It surely comes as no surprise to hear families spend much longer arranging their holiday than they actually do on holiday.

Boating holidays are becoming more and more popular amongst families. By not staying put in one place for too long, this keeps everyone's interest high and boredom levels low. Your daily view is always changing and your time is your own. You're in charge and there are no traffic queues to contend with.

I have never sailed a boat, does this matter?
Most companies do not require a license or any previous experience. The boats provided for these types of holidays are relatively straightforward and a quick watch of a DVD or chat with the boat owner is usually all that is required.

Where can I go with this type of holiday?
The world really is your oyster! Whether you are looking to boat along the Thames, the Norfolk Broads, Italy or France, there are plenty of rivers and waterways you can experience. At the end of the day, you are in charge of your itinerary so you can travel as little or as far as you like each day. If you prefer, you can hire a canoe and take to the seas, or a sail boat and island hop in Greece. The choice really is yours.

What is there to do on a boating holiday?
Fishing enthusiasts love boating holidays. Simply throw your line over the side and away you go. Even if you haven't tried it before, it is easy to give it a go and can often be a very relaxing pastime. It might even provide you with dinner. The wildlife along a waterway can be extremely interesting to people of all ages. Maybe you'll see a kingfisher, maybe you'll see a stork. Riverways often have a number of pubs and bars along the route, so meals can easily be found so that no-one has to cook. Many routes take you through cities and towns that are steeped in history. Any time you fancy stopping, just moor up and take the chance to get to know your surroundings that little bit better. Kids often love seeing new things each day and quite often along the routes there will be a host of parks, playgrounds, museums and swimming pools to choose from. Older kids often love being part of the boating scene too and can learn to tie knots and hold on to ropes when travelling through a lock. Once you've been through one lock, you'll realise they are not that scary and you'll probably look forward to the next one!


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