ENTERTAINMENT: Why English Continues To Be Used In Many Asian Songs?

While the popularity of English songs has grown over the years in India, the back home version – our own Bollywood is not far behind in its entertainment quotient and now-a-days it is very common to sight a few sprinkling of English words here and there in many Asian songs. Take for example the song from Lagaan that goes ‘O ri chhori…maan bhi ley baat mori’. The song’s chorus lines are ‘My heart it speaks a thousand words…’ although the film is a full Bollywood masala movie; or the more famous ‘Zara zara touch me’ from Dhoom. However, this trend is not new and had begun long ago, and made famous with the iconic song of Amar Akbar Anthony featuring Amitabh Bachchan who wooed the whole nation when he crooned ‘My Name is Anthony Gonsalves’.
Even today when we look at the trend of online songs, be that in Hindi or any other vernacular language, spotting English words are easy and the trend seems to be gaining popularity. One might ask, why this attempt towards an amalgam? Reasons could be many but the most plausible and practical one seems to be an effort to reach out to a wider audience. When you identify with a few words or phrases of your own language in a song, the music tends to hold much more appeal. Asian music has for a long time been contained in its own space and the time has come for it to break free of boundaries and spread its wings all across the world. Thus be it English songs with a dash of Asian lyrics, or vice versa, the motive of online music to break all barriers will always succeed.
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