ENTERTAINMENT: Mr. Vegas Releases Music Video For His Song Whenever You're Lonely.

Sup Travellers?! Some of you may not know who is Mr. Vegas but a lot of you should know who he is especially if you're from the Caribbean. Anyway, Mr. Vegas dropped a music video for his song "Whenever you're lonely" a few days ago.

Now Mr. Vegas was really good. It was a very well put together song and I can't find anything bad about it. However, I was more focused on how hot the chick was in the music video. She isn't the hottest girl alive but she's definitely got what it takes. I also love the scenery. I think it was Paris, France, actually it was Paris, France. All in all, it was a great music video.


Come up with your own opinions on the music video and the chick in it. Click play below to see it: