CELEBS: Top Celebrity News that will Make Your Raise Your Eyebrows

2012 was a year full of mysteries; most of which still remain to be solved. Some of the news are really impressive and attract the readers instantly. 

Does McKayla Maroney find anything inspiring other than a shelf full of gold medal won from Olympics? When Brangelina plans to get married? What is there in Kate Middleton’s royal womb right at this moment? Who are considered to be the most stylish 2012 stars? All these and many more questions keep on torturing you, plaguing you all round the year. No matter how much you try to dg inside it, you will not get any answer to it. 

Come, have a look at some of the interesting mysteries of the celebrities. The gallery of news is really engaging. 

  • When Brangelina plans to get married?
Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake tied their note in a celebrated Italian gala. However, that becomes pale when you compare it with that of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s grand nuptial. No matter how they get married, their wedding will always be an epic…

  • Why Taylor Swift dates high school boys?
At the age of 23, Taylor Swift only finds teenager for dating. She has become an outgrown teenager. Her ex-boyfriend Conor Kennedy was 18 years of age and her present boyfriend, Harry Styles is also of the same age.

  • What was Kristen Stewart’s thought? 
You can, at the most, guess what was she thinking the moment she went out for a date with her beloved and the director of the Huntsman and Snow White. She was dating with her husband ‘in broad daylight’. But the question is why was she dating with her married director ‘in broad daylight’? This question still remains to be answered.

  • What was the thought of Rihanna?
What is currently going on in Rihanna’s mind? This is a common question that is tossing in the minds of her fans. This singer of “Where Have You Been” might have broken her relation with Chris Brown. However, her fans think that this is not at the end. There is something more to it….

  • What McKayla Maroney find impressive?
Nothing seems to impress this McKayla Maroney. This Olympic gymnast has spawned thousands of memes but still she doesn’t seem to smile. What can then make this gymnast smile??? No answer has yet been uncovered. SAD!

  • Why is it not possible for Lindsay Lohan to excuse herself from clubs?
‘Come on’ – this is the only answer that is received till date. Can you make out anything from this? Are you still exploring the answer? Well, you will keep on doing so.  

  • What the many masseurs of John Travolta up to?
Another year means another bunch of rumors regarding John Travolta. Unsubstantiated, detailed and denied – these are the terms that describe John’s rumors.

  •  What is there inside the royal womb of Kate Middleton?
Is there a baby boy? A baby girl? A twins? Or what? Can’t wait to see what it actually is? Well, there is no other way to reveal the secret. 

These and many such mysteries are yet to undisclosed. Who can wait for this revelation???

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