CELEBS: Obama's Income Has Been Revealed.. Can You Guess How Much He Makes?

Sup Travellers?! You know POTUS? What's his name again? Oh yes, Barack Obama. Well i'm guessing you are reading this because you want to know how much money Obama makes right? Well, just to summarize it, he makes a lot but not as much as he used to.

The White House released the 2012 tax returns from the Obamas and the Bidens. The president and first lady earned $609,000, with 40% of that was from book sales. They paid $112,214 for an effective tax rate of 18.4%, and they donated about a quarter of their income to 33 charities. The income is the lowest of President Obama's presidency, reports AP. When his book sales were booming in 2009, the Obamas pulled in $5.5 million. Last year, they grossed about $790,000.


The VP and wife Jill on the other hand had an adjusted gross income of $385,072 and paid $87,851 in federal income taxes (22.8%). The Bidens donated about $7,000 to charity. One quirk: The couple made about $26,000 in 2012 by renting a cottage near their Delaware home to the Secret Service, reports Politico.

If you are so interested in Barack Obama and Biden that you want to read their entire tax return then you can click the names for the full PDF: OBAMA  BIDEN