CELEBS: Beyonce And Jay Z Celebrate Their 5th Anniversary In Cuba.

Greetings Travellers!! Did you know that Beyonce and Jay Z have been married for a whole 5 years? Well they have and they don't seem to be anywhere close to breaking up. The music couple celebrated their 5th anniversary on the 4th of April 2013 in the beautiful Caribbean territory of Cuba.

According to the The Associated Press, the couple dined at the world famous La Guarida restaurant.
Waitress Silvia Fernandez told the AP that the couple ordered chicken, fish, rice and black beans.

She was beautiful, without a drop of makeup, very natural,” Fernandez said. “What happened with the people was incredible.”

Beyonce and Jay-Z got married on April 4. 2008.

Multiple fans spotted the power couple strolling through the streets of Havana with their mothers and the fans decided to snap a few photos which i'm sure you saw above. I'm not sure why out of all the Caribbean nations they chose Cuba but i'm thinking that the famous Cuban cigar had something to do with it. Jay Z is always rapping about Cuban cigars so maybe he wanted to experience the highness on Cuban soil with his beautiful wife. Whatever the reason, it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.