California Girls Summer Camps – A multi art experience

Every year, scores of children have fun at California summer camps. There are many activities which they can get involved with, such as dancing. California girl’s summer camps can focus on dancing where they will learn a wide range of dances. Ballet, hip hop and modern dance classes are very popular. As dancing is a very sociable activity, girls can forge friendships which they’ll have long after they return home.

There are many other activities which can also be enjoyed at a California summer camp. Horse riding, tennis and mini golf are some of the many sporting activities that girls can get involved with. They can also participate in arts activities too. Pottery making and quilting are examples of such - they can even make friendship bracelets. As girls have many friends during their stay at a summer camp, they will probably have to make a lot of them. They can also create their own design to give to their friends at school.

Set in splendid surroundings, it can overlook a valley or a forest. It is a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood because a camp is surrounded by nature – tours which explore Mother Nature can also be arranged too.

As reasonable prices are typically charged for a week’s stay, parents could send their child there for much longer. For a memorable experience, why not start searching for a summer camp in California that specializes in dance?     

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