BOX OFFICE: How Much Did Tom Cruise's Oblivion Make/Gross In Its Opening Weekend?

Sup Travellers?! The weekend is over and that means the box office figures have been released. The film that toppled the rest this weekend was Tom Cruise's Oblivion. It seems as though moviegoers still love Tom Cruise despite his recent box office failures.

We were all doubting Tom Cruise's ability to bring out a high grossing movie again because his last two movies, Jack Reacher and Rock of Ages failed miserably. His latest mission impossible did really well but that doesn't count, because it's mission impossible, we all love mission impossible.


Oblivion grossed a hefty $38.2 million domestically making it the number 1 movie this weekend. The Jackie Robinson biopic 42 slid into second place with a respectable second-week return of $18 million, followed by The Croods ($9.5 million), Scary Movie 5 ($6.3 million), and GI Joe: Retaliation ($5.8 million).

My name is Trinikid and you'v just been informed.