WEIRD: Teen Shoots Himself In Groin Because......

Greetings Travellers!! Now it's going to be very easy for you guys not to believe this story because of the level of stupidity involved but this really happened. According to Huffington Post, a Chicago teen shot himself in the groin after playing with a gun in his car and said that ninjas did it. I think that that's enough Naruto for him.

The Chicago teen of 17 years was cruising through the city's Northwest side with his girlfriends showing off his gun. While he was showing off his gun he accidently shot himself in the groin. However, the teen's re inaction of the story was a bit different. He told police that he was shot in the groin by two ninjas who jumped out of a van wielding semi-automatic weapons.

The Chicago Tribune reported today that this is all a cruel hoax. Police became suspicious of the boy's story when quote, "Every single part of it sounded like a bunch of bull****." Then they went to check out the scene and there was no evidence of ninja foul play at all. Then the hospital confirmed that the gunshot wound trajectory indicated that the boy had clearly shot himself in the groin. It was looking less and less like ninjas with machine guns were involved.

The boy was taken to Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, and listed in stable condition, according to police.

As of Saturday, multiple reports indicated it was unclear what charges the boy would face, if any. According to the state's criminal code, giving false reports to police could be classified disorderly conduct and punishable by fines.

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