WEIRD: Real Life Superhero Hangs Up His Cape After Being Beaten Senselessly By Thugs

Greetings Travellers!! Have you ever dreamed about meeting a real life superhero? Well if you have, then the chances are that it will never happen. Because a real life accessible super hero has hung up his cape because he was beaten senselessly by a group of thugs.

According to reports from the Telegraph UK, a real life superhero by the name of Knight Warrior called it quits to his superhero days. Even though Knight Warrior promised to keep crime off the streets of England he WIMPED OUT couldn't take the abuse. A group of thugs in England recognized him and beat him to a pulp.

Roger Hayhurst, 20, is the guy behind the mask and he used to patrol the street with his 18-year-old fiancee Rebecca Wall, who went by the name Knight Maiden.

"We were recognized when we were walking thorough Clifton and some lads started punching me," Hayhurst tells the Manchester Evening News.

"My face was all swollen. After that I still dress up and occasionally patrol, but I mainly dress up for charity appearances." Wall has hung up her cape too. For the past few weeks they've been hosting a comedy sketch radio show, and he hopes to model Clark Kent by becoming a full-time journalist. At least his mother won't have to worry anymore though. 61-year-old Jennifer Hayhurst says the police did "keep an eye on him."

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Check out the video below of the Knight Warrior: