WEIRD: Public Prostitution Could Become Legal In Paris Soon.

Greetings Travellers!! Have you ever sought out the services of a prostitute? Well if you did, then you should also know that it is illegal and a black market act in many parts of the world. However it's going to be illegal in one less area and that area is Paris, France. No longer do you have to keep your transactions with prostitutes undercover.

According to reports from Huffington Post, a proposal was made by Sen. Esther Benbassa, a member of the French Green Party to repeal a 10-year-old solicitation law that made the completion of the transaction of prostitution illegal in Paris. The proposal seeks to overturn the 10 year old law introduced by then-Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy that made it illegal for sex workers to wear revealing attire and solicit customers in a public place.

Currently, the act of prostitution is not illegal in France but many of the activities associated with the trade, such as solicitation and brothels, are against the law.

Explaining her motives behind the proposal during a protest Saturday, Benbassa said that the law has only served to isolate workers, rather than dismantle prostitution networks. By the end of the month it will be confirmed but all signs point to the entire transaction of prostitution becoming legal in Paris.

If it does, I think the number of people heading to Paris will greatly increase but the cost of prostitution in Paris may also skyrocket because of the increased demand. But I also think that opting for a prostitute to give you sex is a wimpy move. I don't think i'll ever opt a prostitute for sex but apparently a lot of people will and i'll just pause on the topic on that note.

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