WEIRD: Family Sells $3 Bowl For $2.2 Million....

Greetings Travellers!! Do you have any bowls in your kitchen and looking to make some millions off of it on Sotheby? Well chances are, if it isn't a 1,000-year-old Chinese “Ding” bowl from the Northern Song Dynasty, then that will never happen in your lifetime. However there is a slim chance that you may get as lucky as a certain New York family.

According to reports from Newser a family sold a bowl for $2.2 million US  that they paid $3 US for. The family bought the bowl at a garage sale six years ago without any knowledge of its real worth, "I could so see this happening in a movie with a weird Chinese man selling them the bowl in order to make the family become rich..... Just saying." The bowl was bought by London art dealer Giuseppe Eskenazi.

The bowl, which measures roughly 5.5 inches in diameter, sat in the unnamed family's home for years; eventually, a quest to see what it was worth took them to Sotheby's, which identified it as a "Ding" bowl from the 10th or 11th century. Sotheby's had anticipated it would sell for up to $300,000, reports the New York Post but it went for way more than anyone expected. The bowl was apparently owned by the British Museum in London and has been on display for more than 60 years until it was acquired by famous collector Henry J. Oppenheim. No one really knows how it ended up in the garage sale but i'm sure we can all speculate.

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