TRINI DIALECT: Think before you talk !

D people who said words is air or words are wind  , obviously forgot what tornadoes are . 

Words are Wind ?  

Well then some people must be Storm from XMen , cuz the gusts of wind that does be coming from their mouth does be so dangerous it can ruin the life of someone and or their well being .

People need to start thinking before they talk <---==<< Think bout that . And stop free styling ah bunch ah words and hurting people's feelings . If i was a mentally weak person ,  I'd have already killed lots of people for hurting my feelings verbally . People don't realize how much words can do now inno , put ah thought and a few words together and someone's life is being taken away e.g

John is a rich man who got everything he wanted in life , until that one day John didnt get the last pack of milk on the grocery shelf . John asked Rick 'the guy who got the last pack of milk' for the item but Rick who has a 1 year old baby daughter couldn't give it up as his daughter needed it . John got furious and threatened Rick to kill him and his family for the pack of milk . Rick then got angry and began attacking John who then "Called a shot" for Rick and Rick was killed as he exited the grocery.  *This story is FAKE and has nothing to do with past or future events of such.*

It's as simple as that a couple of words. Now wait ....not all the words in d dictionary hurtful eh ... its all bout how you decide to use it if you say to someone..” your fucking stupid”….or ” I fucking love you”…it’s not the F word that is the problem here is it?!. To much lil children fighting ,murders and protest are coming around because of words . Simple solution , think before you talk . #StopDNegativity  #DoneDat