TECH: Amazing Headphones From Neurowear Reads Your Mind

Greetings Travellers!! Don't you just find it horrific when you just can't find the right song to play at the right moment? Well, now that's not going to be a problem for you anymore thanks to the Mico Headphones by Neurowear. If you are in the mood for some good old Gagnam style or a little Tunechi, the Mico Headphones has got you covered.... GEEE WIZZ!!!

Neurowear announced earlier this month that it's developing a pair of headphones with an electroencephalography-enabled sensor -- that is, a sensor that can read brain waves. The headphones and the sensor read your mind and, in tandem with an iPhone app, play music suited to your mood. The Mico video demonstration promises "music inspiration from your subconsciousness."

The EEG technology used in the headphones can only sense three moods -- focused, drowsy and stressed. So it's not a full fledged mind reading device, but if you are stressed out then you are going to hear some high tempo and upbeat music that should be able to reduce your stress.

Even though it only has three mode detectors, it's still an amazing invention. I will love to see the day where I no longer have to shuffle through my ipod for songs but it just plays exactly what I want to hear.

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