SAD: Brazil Doctor Killed Patients In Order To Free Beds.

Greetings Travellers!! Don't you just hate doctors? They are the biggest set of liars on earth. They always say that it's not going to hurt but it always hurts like hell. And I thought that lawyers were suppose to be the liars. Anyway, it seems as though doctors can be checked now for not only lying to people but murdering people as well. The same people that are supposed to save you are the same people that are trying to kill you. I can't speak for all the doctors, obviously, but there is one retard jacksquat....did I write retard already? doctor who thought that it was a good idea to murder patients in order to clear the beds for other patients.

A Brazilian intensive care unit doctor has been charged in the murders of seven patients as a means to free up hospital beds—and now, investigators say she may have been involved in up to 300 deaths. Dr. Virginia Soares de Souza has so far been charged with seven counts of aggravated first degree murder; seven members of her team also face murder charges, Reuters reports. According to prosecutors, the health workers used muscle relaxants on patients before cutting their oxygen to asphyxiate them.

Investigators are currently reviewing some 1,700 medical records belonging to patients who've died in the past seven years. "We already have more than 20 cases established, and there are nearly 300 more that we are looking into," says the chief investigator. That figure would put de Souza among the deadliest known serial killers. The prosecutors point to wiretaps of de Souza's phone as evidence of her motive. "I want to clear the intensive care unit. It's making me itch," she says in a recording. "Unfortunately, our mission is to be go-betweens on the springboard to the next life." Her lawyer says she's not guilty and that investigators are confused about how the ICU functions.

Are the investigators really confused about how the ICU works or is De Sousa a massive serial killer? I guess we'll know in time. But this doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.