GUEST POST: How to Guide - Connecting a PS3 Controller to an Android

Smartphones these days double up as personal entertainment devices, more than a machine to stay in touch with friends and family. A Smartphone today is only as popular as the number of apps that are available for it; apps are developed for a wide range of purposes like stock market analysis, movies and TV shows, weather and games.

Nowadays, you can find hundreds of games being released for Android, spanning different genres. The latest games developed for Android have increased support for game controllers to provide players with a more thrilling and interactive experience.

Now which controller would be ideal? The Sixaxis controller for PS3 is an ideal choice as it is a robust device easily available.
You can connect it wirelessly (via Bluetooth) or through wires. Let us see how:

Wired Connection:

This is the easiest method, but unfortunately cannot be implemented on all devices. Why? To enable connection through wires, first ensure you have a USB port on your device (only a few devices like the Asus Transformer and Toshiba Thrive have them). Then all you need is a USB wire that can connect the controller to the device. Most of the Android devices out there today will be able to recognize the controller.

Bluetooth Connection:

Like stated previously for wired connections, you need a USB port; micro USB ports will not do. And for that reason, it is not a feasible option for most devices. You can connect those via Bluetooth. Before you begin, you first have to make the following preparations:
  • You need to root the device because only then will you be able to control Bluetooth, thanks to Sony’s method of incorporating Bluetooth into their devices. While this can get a little annoying, remember that you can’t do without it; and once it’s done, the gaming experience you will have will be worth the effort!
  • Then ensure that the app for Bluetooth connection is working for your particular device. Download the Sixaxis app from Google Play, and you will see if your device is supported.
  • Once the first two steps are okay, buy the driver for Sixaxis (no, it is not free) but the upside is that it is continually updated so that newer devices are supported. So you can use it in the future when you change your Smartphone or Tablet.
Okay, now you are ready to make the connection. The usual method for Bluetooth connection is getting the host and client devices to shake hands so that they can be synced. Thanks to the Bluetooth implementation method on the Sixaxis controller, the handshake has to be done from a PC with a free driver (from DancingPixel Studios). You can find the driver and instructions on operating it on this page.

Once you have done the checklist above, you need to follow these steps:

1. Launch the Sixaxis Controller app you installed earlier on your Android Smartphone or Tablet.

2. On your PC, connect the controller with the wire used for charging it.

3. Launch the Sixaxis Connect tool on your PC. A Window will popup, displaying Current Master and an option to change it.

4. On your Android device look for the Bluetooth key code at the lower right corner on your Android device locate the Bluetooth key code in the screen’s bottom right hand corner.

5. Enter this key in the Sixaxis Pair Tool window and click on update, and the Current Master will be changed.

6. Now the controller can be unplugged.

7. On your mobile device, select Start.

8. Press the PS/ HOME button on the controller to connect it to your Android device.

9. Your Android device will display ‘Client Connected: 1’.

That’s it - and now you are ready to start playing.

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