Five Ways to Wish a Happy Easter

With Easter just around the corner, it’s worth thinking about how you can wish people a happy holiday. Easter can be a bit of an unusual holiday - some people will go all out to make it a special celebration, while others may do hardly anything at all, except enjoy a bank holiday. Some people will attend church, while others will use the extended weekend as an opportunity for a party, or for visiting relatives. How, then, can you wish your friends and family a happy Easter without putting too much pressure on the holiday?

1 - Send an ECard

One of the best ways of wishing people a happy Easter is with an eCard - compared to traditional paper cards, eCards are not as formal, and can be a good approach if you want to let people know you’re thinking about them - again, Easter doesn’t have a lot of the expectations that come with Christmas, and suit more relaxed cards. eCards save money on posting, and can include personalised messages, animations, and videos.

2 - Invite People Over for Dinner

A particularly good way to enjoy a bank holiday, you can invite family and friends over for dinner, and enjoy the long weekend - Sunday roast dinners can go down particularly well as a way of showing people you care during Easter, and can represent a smaller scale version of Christmas. You can also use a meal to give out small presents and cards, as well as using chocolate eggs as dessert.

3 - Buy Chocolates

The old standby for Easter, wishing someone a happy holiday can simply mean lavishing them with chocolate eggs and other sweets; particularly popular with children, you can also give out chocolate and other sweet presents to friends and co-workers. Not everyone goes overboard at Easter, but you can find out who likes chocolate and treat them over the holiday. It’s also worth checking to see whether you can find chocolate eggs for special diets.

4 - A Party

If you want to make the most of a long bank holiday weekend, and want to wish people a good Easter, you can do so with an Easter themed party; for children’s parties this might involve dressing up as Easter bunnies and chicks, and handing out chocolate. You can also organise an egg hunt, or have a best egg decorating competition. Other party ideas can involve having a barbecue if the weather’s fine, or going for a trip over the weekend.

5 - Make Something

Another way of wishing someone a happy Easter can be to make them something; necklaces or jewellery can be a good present, while children can help to make up personalised gifts and cards for friends and family. You might also want to celebrate the Spring and Easter by making a food and drink hamper, which can be given out to friends and family, or alternatively donated to charity. Hampers can be combined with chocolate Easter eggs and other sweets if you’re giving away food during the holiday.