CELEBS: Justin Bieber Collapses And Has Been Hospitalized.

Greetings Travellers!! We have all made jokes about Justin Bieber wishing poorly of his well being and stuff but they were all jokes... Well I would hope that they were all jokes. However anyone in their right mind would want to see the Biebs actually die or get injured because he is still a human just like us.

According to reports from Perez Hilton Justin Bieber collapsed while performing in London. He had very serious breathing problems on stage and passed out as a result of it. He was taken backstage where he was reported to be very low on breath. He was so low on breath that he had to be given oxygen in order to remain in stable condition. He managed to finish the show after taking a 20 minute break to re supply his oxygen.

Afterward, the singer was hospitalized. "Getting better," he tweeted, along with a shirtless self-portrait from the hospital bed. "Thanks for everyone pulling me thru tonight. Best fans in the world." Some of those fans, however, have taken to tweeting with the hashtag "#justintakeabreak."

Thank God Justin Bieber is okay. I'm not a huge fan of Justin Bieber but a lot of people would have become saddened if news of Justin Bieber's death was a thing. Let's hope the doctors figure out what happened to him and rectify the situation speedily.

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