CELEBS: Chris Brown Is A Wanted Felon In Ghana.

Greetings Travellers!! The pop singer and woman beater, Chris Brown, has found himself in some legal troubles over in the sunny country of Ghana. According to reports, Chris Brown flew over to the motherland to have a concert and during the concert he did something illegal whilst on stage in Ghana. He smoked weed.

A video from Breezy’s recent concert in Ghana, shows him asking the crowd, “How many of you all smoke weed?

Shit, I got my blunt right here,” Chris Brown added after loud cheers from the crowd.

The officials over at Ghana were not pleased at Chris Brown for his remarks and are seeking him out to arrest him. Ghanian youth activist Jonathan Osei-Owusu, who calls for authorities to extradite Chris Brown to the motherland had a lot to say about the incident. In other words, Ghanaian officials want USA to ship Chris Brown back to Ghana so that they can deal with him accordingly.

Osei-Owusu told Radio.com:

He promoted an illegality. You can see from the video and yet he was let go free.

He is on video to have encouraged the audience to take up arms against people who stand in their way to smoking weed. In our prisons, many are incarcerated for same.

The last two days, I have been with the police and an investigation has commenced. The police have moved swiftly and they are not leaving anything unturned.

The video below shows the entire felony. You decide for yourself if America should turn him over to the motherland.

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  1. omg amamzing

  2. Arrest him. He should be setting a good example instead of a bad one. Some of the children are looking up to him. Now they could take the wrong way.

  3. He is in another country...do as they do or reap what you sow.

  4. ok first of all, I dont think they should arrest him at all.
    When i first began watching the video, i was shocked but then continuing i saw it was part of his stage act. Whether or not weed is illegal in Ghana, its part of his stage routine. Thus, the authorities decided to bring in this foreign artist and should have exercised stricter policies etc before he performed. In any kind of international relations, even in the music industry, its the country's duty to state what is accepted and what isn't to who or what they are bringing in. I blame the promoters in Ghana etc. for bringing in CB and without stating to CB's management team etc. what is and what isnt acceptable to perform. After all each artist has a routine they do on stage smh.

  5. It doesn't matter if it's part of his stage act. It's still illegal over there just like it's illegal in most states in the United States. You have to abide by the laws no matter how artistic or rich you are. He's a total douche. He knows the difference between right and wrong but still wants to act like a child who doesn't know better. Extradite his ass back to Ghana and let them deal with him.

  6. thats when he feels he is above the law because he is this famous entertainer,and rihanna likes this...she is on the same boat. stage act is not an excuse, how many in the audience knows weather it's real or not....chris brown stinks and so does rihanna.

  7. kyle warrel.....BULLSHIT..!!!!!


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