TRINIDAD: Woman Murdered In Church.

I strongly believe that the only thing that should be dying in a church is the flesh, but it seems as though some people prefer to take killing flesh to another level, if you know what I mean. According to reports, a 36 year old woman by the name Fabiola Ramona Chacon was murdered on Thursday during some marriage counselling sessions at Apostles Ministries Church in Chaguanas for her and her husband.

The counselling session started off peacefully but then got out of hand as Chacon and her husband got into a heated argument. The Newsday reported that she stormed out of the counselling session to go to the washroom and she was then stabbed repeatedly about her stomach and chest. She died in front of the two pastors that were counselling her. The murderer has not been stated to be her husband, so don't jump to too many conclusions just yet. Investigations are still continuing.

Residents in Amorsingh Street claimed that they heard screams at about 4pm on Thursday and then they saw a man walking out of the church with his clothes drenched in blood.

I heard a woman bawling. The sound came from inside the church. I was wondering, ‘but that is a church. What could be going on inside where there is screaming? People were peeping out their windows. No one knew what was going on.

Then this man came out from the church and he had blood on him. He just walked out normal, normal,” a resident told Newsday yesterday. The woman said when police arrived and an undertaker’s van followed, she realised something very bad had taken place.

I found out that a man had killed a woman inside the church. Imagine that eh, inside the hallowed grounds of a church. They say evil is not even safe in a church!” the shocked woman added.

I honestly think that whoever killed the woman is not very serious about life. How could you kill someone in a church?