TRINIDAD: Ten Students And Their Lecturer Were Held Up And Robbed During A Lecture In UWI.

I am a UWI student and I can say from experience that the security system is actually kind of good...... some of the times. The guards can't be everywhere at once but I think that they do a great job keeping main campus safe. Even though they have been multiple robberies and rapes on the compound, I digress. However, I have never been to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex at Mt. Hope where the medical students of UWI are so I can't really say how the security is. According to reports from the Trinidad Express, ten students and their lecturer were held up in their seminar and robbed of their possessions by two bandits.

Police said the students were in the classroom when two men entered and announced a hold-up. They ordered the students three males and seven females and the lecturer to lay on the ground, before proceeding to rob them.

The victims were robbed of their laptop computers, cell phones, jewelry and cash, said police. A monetary value of the items stolen was not given by officers.
It was also unknown if any of the men were armed said officers.
"One of the men had one of his hands below his shirt as if he had a gun, but none of the students said they actually saw any weapon," said one of the officers investigating the incident.\

The men then fled the scene escaping with thousands of dollars worth of stuff. Now I just thank God that all the students are safe because you never know if the two men had the belly to shoot everyone dead. People are crazy like that. I don't know how anyone could have predicted the incident because i'm sure the bandits looked like two regular people entering the compound. So I understand how they got in, and how they escaped but isn't there suppose to be cameras in the classroom? I don't know, i'm asking, is there suppose to be cameras in the classroom? Many of my classes are in Daaga and it has cameras there.

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  1. The security on Mt. Hope is lacking in one key area. You have the educational half of the compound on one end, with fairly decent security and the hospital on the other. The strip in between the two is just one road with no guards. You can't stop the public from entering the hospital but there should be somebody to stop people from then crossing into the classrooms and right now there is no one. The seminar rooms where the robbery occurred are the first rooms encountered when walking across.

    There are no cameras in Mt. Hope classrooms and half the lights don't work in the audits. It was a big enough fight to get AC in the auditoriums because technically it's all RHA property and there are more hoops to jump through to alter the location than for main campus.


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