TRINIDAD: Anya Ayoung Chee Rocks The Avenue.

Anya Ayoung Chee has done it again with her great sense of fashion as she rocked the runway with an international standard. But this time it wasn't in New York, London or South Africa but her home country of Trinidad and Tobago. On Thursday night, Anya Ayoung Chee threw a fashion show on Ariapita Avenue which was the first part of the initiation of the very special avenue into the Fashion Avenue of the Caribbean. It was a show filled with color, cloth, celebrities and some of the sexiest women on earth. What else could you have possibly asked for in a show?

The whole idea of having a fashion on a big truck was one that I couldn't have conceived. Anytime I think about a show on a big truck I usually think of a Machel Montano show during Carnival. Fashion shows are usually indoors and on a fixed stage but Anya decided to do her own thing. She mixed the classiness of the international fashion show with the wassiness of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. She brought out some super hot models on a mobile runway in the middle of Ariapita Avenue and it was a huge success. There were a few recognized models that graced the stage on the night. Some of them were, Sarah Jane Waddell, Avionne Mark, Jessica Didier, Lee Ann Forbes, Athaliah Samuel and I think Gabrielle Walcott was there as well.

The only thing that I was worried about was rain but thank God there was none of that because very expensive equipment would have gotten soaked.

At the end of the day it was Anya Ayoung Chee's night and she delivered with both classiness and 'wassiness'. She has made me proud as a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago and i'm sure many Trinis feel the same way. She came to Trinidad and Tobago throwing what is her first independent fashion show in the Caribbean since winning Project Runway and she named Ariapita Avenue the Fashion Avenue of the Caribbean.......... I'd like to congratulate Ariapita Avenue on it's success. I'm sure if Ariapita Avenue could have read this he'd/she'd be honored.

Anyway, check out some pics that my friends at the UWI Entertainment Group 'UEG' and I took on the night.

We also decided to take a few pics of random people at the event and we even got an up close and personal shot with the beautiful Sarah Jane Waddell. Is it just me or did she look happy to see us? Lol.


  1. I love your article and pictures. I was as proud of Anya's accomplishment as if she were my own child.

    I absolutely loved the prints.


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