GUEST POST: The Best Holiday Sailing Destinations

If you love travel and the tranquillity of the ocean why not combine the two? Learn how to sail whilst enjoying all the delights of the perfect holiday destination. Live the dream and sail in some of the world's most breathtaking locations, including Croatia, Greece, Thailand and the Seychelles.

Choosing a sailing destination

Every sailing destination offers something different and when choosing a holiday location there are several factors that need to be taken into account. Weather will always play a big part in choosing where to visit, especially when you are planning on learning how to sail and spending a large amount of your holiday in close proximity to the water and the elements. Sunny destinations are therefore always more popular, with top recommendations being the calm waters of Croatia and the Seychelles. Both offer larg expanses of crystal clear water and provide perfect sailing conditions for beginners. The idyllic peace and  tranquillity offered by the miles of white sandy beach in the Seychelles and the unspoilt towering rocky cliffs in Croatia create an ideal holiday with incredible scenery.

Tranquillity in the Seychelles and Croatia

Learning how to sail a monohull yacht with up to 4 cabins or skipper a Flotilla will open a world of travel possibilities. Croatia is a magnificent location for cruising deserted islands and beautiful bays or exploring tiny bustling seaside villages. The Adriatic Coast is highly recommended for its warm water, numerous coves and calm seas.

Across the globe, the Seychelles offers an idyllic island paradise where you can learn to sail amongst the 115 islands that make up this Indian Ocean archipelago. This idyllic destination is virtually unspoilt and is one of the few sailing destinations in the world that remains untouched by commercialism. Balmy trade winds, ideal sailing and diving conditions, coral reefs and exotic sea life all add to the Seychelles attractions.

Island life in Greece or Thailand

Although on opposite sides of the world, Greece and Thailand both offer calm waters and easy access to bustling island life. Greece has an incredibly rich and ancient cultural heritage that can be explored via yacht and visitors will enjoy a classic Mediterranean experience. With a backdrop of Ancient Greece you can set sail and explore during the day and drop anchor at night to enjoy typical Mediterranean cuisine at one of the many local tavernas.

Dramatic scenery and a year round warm climate make Thailand a particularly welcoming sailing destination. For a taste of the east, Phuket and Thais are known for their welcoming and friendly nature. Experience island living and enjoy learning to sail amongst thousands of exotic fish and corals. Skipper your yacht amongst the many coves and beautiful beaches and explore an island paradise that offers an exciting Asian experience for everyone.

Enjoy the holiday you have always dreamed of and become a certified skipper or receive your certificate of competence, enabling you to set sail and explore the archipelagos of Greece, the crystal clear waters of Croatia and the Seychelles or the vibrant Islands of Thailand. For more information visit to research the best possible sailing destinations.


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