SCIENCE: Scientists Finally Discover The Origin Of The Meteor That Hit Russia.

Greetings Travellers!! Many people believe that thee meteor was the reincarnation of Hitler and in his reincarnated state he decided to crash into Russia and fog up the place. I'm here to tell you that that is absolute nonsense to the power of ten.

Even though the meteor that hit Russia is old news, scientists are still gazing up in space to find the origin of the space rock that hit Russia. The meteor was not an offshoot of the giant asteroid that whistled pass earth on the same day. It was just a bad ass who decided to sneak up on us and hit us in the rear. No one really knew where it came from until some brave scientists ventured into the trigonometry and trajectory of the space rock. Once they had determined the meteor's path through the atmosphere, they were then able to trace its orbit around the sun, the BBC reports. They then plugged that data into astronomy software, which showed that the meteor was part of the so-called Apollo asteroid group, which have Earth-crossing orbits. Such an orbit indicates the meteor "most likely" originated in "the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter," says a researcher unrelated to the study.

Experts in Russia, meanwhile, have learned more about the object itself. It's called a chondrite—the most common kind of space rock near Earth. And, as Popular Science reports, it spent 4.5 billion years in space before rocking Russia. Volunteer skiers traversed 31 miles of its debris field this weekend, picking up more than 100 pieces, the largest of which weighs in at about 2.2 pounds. Some chunks are being sold online for as much as $16,000, though they haven't been authenticated, Russia Today notes; guides have started offering tours of the impact area #HUSTLING.

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  1. so they think it was hitler sent the rock to hit them!!! LOL?


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