SCIENCE: Asteroid To Barely Miss Earth On The 15th Of February 2013.

According to Nasa, an asteroid with the size to flatten an entire city will zip pass very closely to earth on February 15th 2013. The asteroid which is called 2012 DA14 is reported to be 148 feet in diameter and the mass of a cruise ship. It is relatively small but can do some serious damage if it collides with earth. People could die!!!

It was reported by Csmonitor that the asteroid will pass as close as 17,200 miles from Earth which is in fact closer than some satellites. Astronomers believe objects the size of DA14 come this close to Earth roughly once every 40 years and smash into it every 1,200 years or so but this one wouldn't have been spotted as recently as 20 years ago, before the search for near-Earth objects was stepped up, CNN reports. The asteroid was spotted around a year ago by a team of amateur astronomers in Spain. "Its orbit is very well-known," a NASA expert says. "We know exactly where it's going to go, and it cannot hit the Earth," though there is a slightly higher but still very small chance that it could make impact when it flies by in 2110. Experts believe DA14 is made of stone instead of metal or ice, so it won't be of interest to asteroid miners.

This just goes to show you how fragile life on earth is and how blessed we are to still be functioning as a planet. There are asteroids out there big enough to destroy the human race, but luckily they haven't collided with us yet.

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