Guest Post:Popular Destinations for Pupil Ski Trips

Gone is the day when the only place to take pupils on a skiing trip was France. Today, with cheap air fares and competitive resort prices, the skiing world is much more accessible to schools and their pupils. The destinations in this article are suitable for most budgets and most skiing abilities.

Skiing in France

France is, of course, the old favourite for pupil ski trips, simply because of its location in relation to the UK. A lot of the French skiing resorts have picked up on this and now cater exclusively for school parties, adding fun activities into their packages that is aimed at entertaining pupils in the evenings. Being close to the UK, France offers some of the best ski trips in terms of budget and time spent travelling. Most French resorts also guarantee sufficient snow fall throughout the year for all levels of skiing, meaning they rarely have peak and off peak seasons. If you're looking for a low-cost trip   maybe to get your pupils started on the slopes   then the resorts of France offer quality and safety without breaking the bank.

Skiing in Austria

The skiing resorts in Austria tend to be built up around existing populations rather than built specifically for tourist skiers. This means that pupils get a chance to experience the traditions of the area and the local customs as well as the excellent skiing that Austria provides. One of the main attractions of Austrian skiing is the level of abilities that the slopes cover. It doesn't matter whether your pupils are beginners, experts or they are of mixed ability, most resorts in Austria have slopes to cater for all. The resort prices are also very reasonable in most areas, although a few do charge more during peak season when the snow is at its best. A school skitrip to Austria is well within the budget of most parents and can be viewed as educational as well as fun.

Skiing in Switzerland

Switzerland is probably the top destination for a school ski trip if your pupils are relatively new to the slopes. The Swiss resorts, like those of Austria, have sprung up around the natural mountain villages and as a result, the atmosphere is relaxing and friendly. The ski schools are among the best in Europe, making Switzerland the perfect destination for pupils to advance their skiing skills. Again, the prices are very reasonable and a lot of resorts now have artificial-snow machines to ensure the slopes are ready to use year round.

Skiing in America

If budget isn't an issue, then America is definitely worth considering for a ski trip. Both the East and West coasts have some amazing year-round resorts, but today, Colorado in the Mid-West is tipped as one of the best skiing areas in the world. America has a lot to offer in terms of education and skiing and is the destination of a lifetime for pupils to remember.

Teresa Fisher is a travel writer who enjoys blogging on child-friendly resorts and destinations around the world. As a member of her son's school council, she organises the annual school ski trip and is an avid snowboarder herself. Teresa also enjoys scuba diving and rock climbing when she isn't being a full time mother.