Guest Post: Why Choose Bali for Your Next Vacation From Hong Kong

Are you dreaming of your next getaway? Why not consider booking Hong Kong cheap flights to Bali? This fantastic destination has a lot to offer visitors, including an astounding diversity in wildlife, scenery, cuisine and much more. 

Bali is called the “Island of the Gods” and its rugged hills and mountains, white sand beaches, expansive rice terraces and dramatic volcanoes certainly evoke spiritual awe. One of the 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, it is located only two kilometres from the eastern tip of Java. Whether you are a young backpacker or a sophisticated luxury traveller, Bali will delight with its cultural, historical and archaeological attractions as well as its world-class diving and surfing. 

What to Do During Your Bali Trip

There are many great activities that you can enjoy during your travels in Bali. One of the most amazing experiences is to climb up to the top of Mount Batur and watch the sunrise. This is the one of the highest peaks in Bali and it is an active volcano, offering stunning views of Bali and the surrounding islands.
Another highlight of visiting Bali is Ubud, which is one of the best places to enjoy the history and culture of the island. It is surrounded by lush rice fields and forests and it has a peaceful and laid back atmosphere. It also has plenty of great restaurants, art galleries, museums and spas to enjoy. 

While you are in Bali, make sure that you enjoy a Balinese cultural performance, as the traditional dances here are quite fascinating and tell traditional talks. Of course, Bali is also known around the world for its amazing temples and there are thousands of them scattered around the islands. Some of the most popular temples to visit in Bali are located in Besakih, Uluwatu (on a dramatic clifftop) and Tanah Lot. When you visit Uluwatu, watch out for the cheeky monkeys who will try to steal your sunglasses. 

While you are in Bali you can also visit the Elephant Safari Park & Lodge in Taro, which is acclaimed as the world’s best elephant park. Here you can ride and elephant through the cool jungles and even hand feed these amazing and gentle creatures.

Book Your Bali Adventure

One of the benefits of booking a trip to Bali via your travel agent is that they will have plenty of insider knowledge and insight to create the very best trip possible. 

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Have fun and enjoy your travels in beautiful Bali.