Guest Post: Top 5 Favorite Plays at West End

There are so many great plays that have been performed at West End that it’s difficult to choose just 5 of the favorites. But according to the reviews and also according to thrilled audiences who delighted in these popular performances, the following list, in no particular order is one of the top 5 favorite plays at West End: (1) Billy Elliott, (2) Jersey Boys, (3) Matilda, (4) War Horse, and (5) The Lion King.

Even the “Billy Elliott the Musical” has been playing for several years now, it continues to be a favorite with audiences. This is that magical type of show that touches the heart in so many ways. It’s a comedy that also delivers the very best in heart-warming tender scenes that bring unashamed tears one moment and then has us laughing heartily the next. The talented author of the book, upon which the play is based, is Lee Hall. Hall wisely chose an un-funny miners’ strike and the creative back drop for this inspiring musical comedy. Acting as if this play was created just for him, Kaine Ward continues to thrill audiences at each new performance.

Another favorite on the Top Favorite list is definitely “Jersey Boys.” You will especially enjoy this delightful musical if you were part of that jukebox era. But no matter what your generation identification is you love the music, and you’ll love the way the music is so naturally interwoven into the plot. This plot of fast-moving and fun and keeps the story line flowing without sacrificing action for some long drawn-out musical renditions. There has been some changes in the supporting cast, but Ryan Molloy continues to steal the show as the versatile songster, Frankie Vallie.

Next of the favorite list is that wonderful musical adapted from the book by the same name, “Matilda.” This whacky story was written by Roald Dahl who also authored the likes of “James and the Giant Peach,” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” The main character in this musical is a little girl that is long and gangly and kind of naughty, the perfect star for a fun-filled show. Not only Matilda, but also all of the talented children in this show provide wonderful, lively, energetic, non-stop exhilarating. “Matilda” will delight kids of all ages.

The “War Horse” is the story of a sweet little foal that is bought at an auction by dad Arthur and given to son Billy. Billy names his horse. It is his assignment to raise the little horse until it is older and ready to be sold. As is to be expected, a strong friendship develops between Billy and Joey. And the plot takes off from there. This is a story about horses, more horses than just Joey. The puppetry that is used for the stage play is nothing short of miraculous, and Joey and the other horses come to life in front of the amazed audience.

Last but not least on the Top 5 favorites list is “The Lion King.” This wonderful rendition of a timeless story makes it a favorite with audiences everywhere,
mainly  lion King Edinburgh. Always entertaining, this animal character musical, is fun and funny and scary and even serious at times. The singing makes the show, helped with the beautiful costumes and a wonderfully colorful environment of props and scenery. Dancing and singing and acting all combine to assure the audience that “The Lion King” will continue to reign as one of the very favorites at West End.