ENTERTAINMENT: Watch Beyonce's Full HBO Documentary 'Life Is But A Dream' Free Online.

So, after the photo of Blue Ivy hit the web a few hours ago many Beyonce fans began wanting more of the bouncing baby girl. The photo was simply a snapshot of Beyonce's documentary, 'Life Is But A Dream' which aired Saturday night on HBO. The documentary basically entailed Beyonce's life with her husband, baby, family and career. I decided to spend some time watching it because Beyonce is one of the best musicians of all time *Kanye voice*. I recommend this documentary to any Beyonce fan or any Jay Z fan.

It was really interesting and informative and I developed a different respect for Beyonce, one that I never had before. The documentary touched on Beyonce's miscarriage rumors, surrogate rumors and a other rumors. If you so please, you can watch the whole documentary below or you can check your local listings to see when it will be on television again.

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