ENTERTAINMENT: Vanilla Gorillaz And Sovereignty Release Music Video For Their Song Fame And Fortune.

I was never really a big fan of Vanilla Gorillaz because frankly, I never heard of them. But now I can safely say that I have been converted to a Vanilla Gorilla 'Whatever that means'. I was always a fan of Sovereignty and their music so their new song with Vanilla Gorillaz didn't really surprise me with its awesomeness.

Fame and Fortune is the name of the song and it's sung by a British band named Vanilla Gorillaz and a Trinbago rap group called Sovereignty. It's not the type of song to 'dutty wine' to as most Trinis enjoy but one that can make you re-assess your purpose in life and the power of fame and fortune in doing so. That's just a really basic synopsis on the song but the video is right below so that should suffice.

I loved the song, it was definitely of international standard and I won't be surprised if it hits the 2013 UK charts. However, the music video to me was a little bit too normal. A couple of Sovereignty's music videos have been sporting the same basic black background. From Just Dance, to Go Hard, and to 20 Light bulbs........ BLACK BACKGROUND. They were all great music videos but maybe their next music video could be in a forest or something. It's all about location and bringing a new concept to the table. The background in a music video should not be stagnant, it should change as the music progresses. I believe a music video should tell a realistic story not only by the music itself but by the location. But that's just my opinion of course.

All in all I really enjoyed it and I look forward to much more from Sovereignty and Vanilla Gorillaz. Looks like I got a new song to add to my playlist.

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