WEIRD: Boy Fakes His Own Kidnapping So That His Parents Will Not Be Able To Attend Teacher's Conference.

Have you ever felt the urge to fake your own kidnapping? Well an 11 year old boy from Xinzo de Limia, Spain gets that urge sometimes. According to reports, the boy's parents had to attend a scheduled conference with his teacher for a mischievous act he committed in school and the boy didn't want that. So the unnamed boy came up with an ingenious plan to avoid his parents and his teacher interaction. He faked his own kidnapping.

The incident happened early Monday afternoon when the boy sent a text message to his father from his mobile phone stating that he was kidnapped. His father who is a Spanish police officer called his son and the boy said that he was snatched while taking out the garbage and was now locked in a car trunk. His father alerted the whole nation and everyone was on the search for the boy. However, his father realized that a key to one of his houses were missing. So he decided to investigate the house and lo and behold, the boy was found hiding in the house, Fox News reported. The fake kidnapping victim admitted he was afraid of the pending parent-teacher conference and was trying to make a way to avoid it.

Now, we aren't sure what the boy did wrong in order for the teacher to call in his parents but what would you expect from a boy who fakes his own kidnapping.

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