Guest Post: Using the January Sales to Cut the Cost of Christmas

It is never too early to start planning your gift buying for Christmas. Although the festive season has only just passed, a growing number of shoppers will use the traditional January sales to buy their presents for the following Christmas and save themselves a lot of money in the process.


The key to buying Christmas gifts in the January sales is forward planning. Be sure to set yourself a realistic budget before heading out with the hordes of bargain hunters. Setting yourself a limit on the amount of money you wish to spend has two main benefits when it comes to braving the sales. Firstly, it should act as a reminder that your primary objective is to purchase gifts for the following Christmas. The urge to spend money on items for yourself will probably be irresistible, so be strong! The second major benefit to setting yourself a budget beforehand is that you will find yourself paying much more attention to the actual price of sale items. Retailers usually reserve their biggest discounts for the post-Christmas sales, so it is quite common to see products with 50% or more slashed off their original price. While these prices may seem very tempting at first glance, be sure to stop and think before you buy. Are you simply being lured by the huge discount on offer? By purchasing this item, are you actually spending more money on a gift for someone than you normally would? Remember that you want to come away from the sales having saved money on your Christmas shopping.

The Perfect Gift

Using the January sales to purchase your Christmas gifts is not only an excellent cost- cutting exercise but also a great way of ensuring you give a loved one the perfect present. The most recent festive season will still be fresh in your mind, so you can tailor your gift-buying to suit. For example, if someone you know received a new camera this year then why not consider a personalised photo album for next time? The unfortunate issue of duplicate presents can also be avoided by purchasing in the January sales. By buying your gifts early you give others plenty of time to think of an alternative if they were considering purchasing the same item as you.

Easing the Stress

Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of completing your Christmas shopping during the January sales is knowing that, come next December, you will have little to do. Although the sheer mass of people that rush to the winter sales can sometimes be intimidating and stressful in itself, it is surely better to get this experience out of the way early and be safe in the knowledge you are now set for next Christmas. Buying that personalised photo album now could save you a lot of stress in the long term.

With many high-street retailers desperate for business and pulling out all the stops to make their January sales a success, there has never been a better time to take advantage and save money on your Christmas gifts for the following year.