TRINIDAD: Murder Rate In The First 21 Days Of 2013 Is At 24

The year 2013 began a few days ago and there were many speculations and predictions about the murder rate for this year. Many claimed the murder rate would have gone down but it hasn't been like that for the first 21 days. The first 21 days saw the slaying of 24 citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. It almost seems as though the murderers are batting at a run a ball, because 24 in 21 is ridiculous.

Yesterday saw the death of two people. A 17 year old and a 40 year old. According to reports Haniff Mohammed, 17, of Quarry Circular Road, Gonzales, Belmont was standing at the corner of Hermitage Road and Agostini Lane, Belmont. At about 8.15 am Monday morning shots were fired at Haniff and he fell to the ground in a pool of blood. He was rushed to the Port of Spain General Hospital, but it was too late for the youth. A motive for the killing has yet to be established.

Also 40 year old Terry Roget was one of the 8 persons who were shot in an altercation at the Beetham Gardens. Roget died. The other victims in the shooting have been identified as Clint Clark, 38, shot in the left leg; Debbie Joseph, 34, shot in the left leg; Natasha Lara, 30, shot in the buttocks and right leg; Sophia Bayer, 33, shot in the right forearm and chest; Horace Sylvester, 62, shot in the right thigh; Christopher Gabriel, 27, shot in the chest and Kerwin Reyes, 26, shot in the chest and right leg