TRINIDAD: Kes The Band Releases The Official Music Video For Tuesday On The Rocks

Did anybody else notice that Kes The Band released the music video for Tuesday on the rocks on Tuesday. I mean, if that alone doesn't make the music video amazing I don't know what will. The song has become a hit over the few months that it has been released and it was only fair that the prince of soca graced the world with the music video. And he didn't only grace the world with the music video itself but also with the hot chicks in it. I think I caught happy trail when I saw Sarah Jane Waddell in the music video...lolz. Sarah Jane Waddell is my favorite model from Trinidad and Tobago, but that's just me of course.

I must admit that the music video was well directed so I give props to Mr. Hollywood himself, Shaun Escayg. Shaun Escayg is very experienced in the film industry. He has worked on giant Hollywood productions such as the Transformers film by Michael Bay. I can't remember which one he worked on, but the fact is way to epic to even care which one. Anyway, below is the music video for Kes the Band Tuesday on the rocks. Hope you enjoy.