GUEST POST: Top 7 Male Hipster Fashion Styles That Must Now End

Hipster culture re-appeared in the mid-1990s among older teenager and young adults. Associated with independent culture such as films and music, it has its own fashion. Now we ask if some of the men's hipster styles should be condemned to history or if there is a place for them in the 21st century.

Wearing clothes that don't match

One of the main things identified with the hipster trend is the desire to wear things that don't match. Being able to get away with this without looking like you just pulled out all of the clothes in your wardrobe and threw them on is actually quite difficult. It requires a lot of practice to look as if you just threw your outfit together so this should always be borne in mind.

Ironic t-shirts

Something that is popular among hipsters is the wearing of tops and t-shirts which feature pictures of animals, images of characters from childhood television programmes or other images and logos, always with a sense of irony. Being worn by teenagers means that such items can seem 'on trend' and fashionable, however grown men should probably go for a t-shirt with something more subtle or a shirt or t-shirt that is plain in colour such as found in the mens clothing from

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are are difficult for some women to wear but at least women are generally the right shape to carry them off. Worn by men they can look like they have been borrowed from wives and girlfriends as men do not have the right shape or physique to carry them off. Despite this, they are a key component of the hipster style. An alternative to wearing skinny jeans is to go for a straight leg jean which can be found in mens clothing from These will still make legs look longer but are not as fitted as a skinny jean.

Unnecessary glasses

Many hipsters choose to wear glasses, either sunglasses or regular ones. The problem is that they are worn unnecessarily as a fashion statement. The main type of glasses associated with the hipster culture are the Rayban Wayfarers which date back to the 50s and 60s. If you need to wear glasses then choosing frames that go with the hipster style is fine. However there is a current trend for wearing such glasses without prescription lenses which we should perhaps say goodbye to.

Fitted hoodies

Fitted hoodies are right on the hipster trend but if you are a grown man and are planning on wearing a hoodie then it is probably better to buy one that is not too tight as such items can be quite unforgiving on men of a certain age.

Children's accessories

It is probably wise to keep the children's accessories as just that. Seeing grown men or teenage boys carrying bags and wearing items that are really intended for children can look ridiculous.

Hats and shoes

Hats and shoes are something that everyone needs to wear, however the hipster style of shoes and hats is very unique. This includes wearing trilbys and beanie hats on the head as well as shoes such as Converse, cowboy boots and Dr Martens. If you are going to wear a hat then ensure it is a style that suits you and likewise with shoes, ensure that they go with your outfit.

The key to men wearing the hipster trend is to wear one hipster type item at a time and mix it with other things. This will ensure that you still look fashionable but is not taking the trend to extremes. It is also vital to remember how old you are and to try and dress to reflect your age.