GUEST POST: Make The Leap: Broaden Your Horizons And Teach Abroad

One of the biggest advantages of being a qualified teacher is that you have transferable skills that can be used effectively in other parts of the world and teaching abroad can be an ideal way to live in and contribute to a different culture.

You Are In Demand!

The good news for teachers of all age groups and most subject areas is that your skills and expertise are in demand all over the world. If you fancy getting away from the British winter, or feel like a change from the rigours of Ofsted and demands of the National Curriculum, you could find yourself in sunny climes on the other side of the world, this time next year, if you are prepared to up sticks and relocate abroad.

Why Are Teachers In Demand?

Good teachers are always in demand, but particularly if they have experience of the UK educational system. The popularity of courses, such as easter revision at Lansdowne College London, shows that demand for UK qualifications is high in other parts of the world. Many of these candidates will go on to study at prestigious universities in the UK and some will then contribute to the country through research and performing highly-skilled careers. Therefore, teachers who can offer experience and expertise in preparing candidates for GCSE and "A" Level examinations are in great demand throughout various different countries across the world.

The Importance Of English As A Medium For Teaching

Courses sch as Easter revision at Lansdowne College London are conducted in English and it is also the language that is most often taught as a first or second language throughout the world. Every young person, wherever they live, wants to learn English, so they can keep up with the latest music and film releases, follow the Premier League, or simply be able to read up on their favourite new technological products. The internet revolution has intensified this and, as a result, there is an increasing demand for teachers of English across the globe.

Ideally, if you want to teach abroad it is best to take a qualification in teaching English as a foreign language, as these are the teaching jobs that are most in demand. In addition, it is a very useful skill that can be lucrative in addition to your normal teaching subject. Many of the overseas students who attend courses like Easter revision at Lansdowne College London often have English tuition in their own countries before arriving in Britain.

A Great Way To Extend Your Horizons

Visiting other countries has never been so popular, but today more and more of us are not just satisfied with a two week holiday in a commercialised resort. Hence the rise of gap travel, for people of all ages, where they visit a foreign country and tend to stay there for a longer period of time. Here, the ability to teach and the qualifications to do so, come into their own, as teaching in local schools and colleges is a perfect way to experience first hand a local culture and also contribute to the local way of life.

Do Your Homework First

As with any major decision, you have to do your research first and make sure you are the right person, with the right reasons, to locate abroad. This will not be a holiday and you could find yourself working and living in demanding circumstances. Also, in order to make the most contribution and enjoy the most positive experience, you have to be prepared to learn the local language and absorb the local culture.

Lisa has worked in education for over 5 years in a number of further and higher education institutions. Lansdowne independent sixth form college is one of those college. She now shares her experiences by contributing to education websites and blogs and lives with her family in the north of England.