HEALTH: Scientists Discover The Origin Of HIV AIDS.

HIV Aids emerged on the scene during the 20th century and have claimed many lives during its stay. It has been rampant among the human race, but scientists have discovered that the virus started in another species that shares very similar features to the humans. HIV Aids started in the monkeys 5 million to 12 million years ago and was basically absent in humans. However for some reason, in the 20th century the disease jumped from monkeys to humans and now HIV affects 34 million people worldwide.

Anyone will tell you that it is a bad idea to have sexual intercourse with a monkey, but some guy or guys did it and now humans can get HIV. So if you want to thank someone for the disease thank the people who have sex with monkeys. The monkeys are able to control the virus in their bodies because they have adapted to it, but humans cannot so we die from it.

This new research is being conducted by scientists at the University of Washington in Seattle, US, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, also in Seattle. They  looked at the genetic signatures of HIV-like viruses in a number of primates, including chimps, gorillas, orang utans and macaques.

Changes in genes that have evolved in the immune systems of monkeys and apes in Africa suggest the viruses arose between 5 and 16 million years ago.

The research, published in the journal PLOS Pathogens, gives clues to how the immune systems of our closest relatives evolved to fight infection.


  1. no this is wrong. hunters and poachers would eat the monkies not fully cooked thus spreadin the diesease, also handling the dead monkies or blood with open wounds

  2. I agree with the first annonymous

  3. Wow so is the guy who wrote this a scientist, and knows that it was having sex with monkeys that caused HIV/AIDS? Don't try to pass off your opinion as facts, you are only embarrassing yourself.

  4. First anonymous is correct and this has been known for 20+ years. Of course there are sick folks out there who have sex with animals, so it's possible, but unlikely to have caused the AIDS epidemic.

  5. anything is possible.


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