Guest Post: Watch TV over the Internet with "Aereo"

watch tv online with Aereowatch tv online with Aereo 
It’s great to have television and it’s great to have internet at the same time.  It’s even better when they can live in peaceful harmony together, collaborating to provide the best of content to viewers. Networks make a lot of shows available on the internet for viewers to watch or download but you have to wait for a day or two after that particular episode has aired on television to be able to do that. Now, if you’re a big fan of the show, even the 24 hour wait might be a bit heavy. Aereo hopes to rid you of the tyranny of the whole waiting game and makes the program available to you at once, minus the wait.

The service is currently available only in New York City, no suburbs too, as of now it is expected to move on to another 22 more regions across the United States by spring of this year. Seeing how Aereo is in its initial stages, channel selection is limited to Bloomberg TV and about 29 over the air channels. Depending on how things go, there might be more. But everything is up in the air, and pun is not intended.

What we need to understand is that Aereo is not a small player. It has been created by a media giant and the company believes what it is doing is legal. That is why it has gone ahead and created miniature antennas, about the size of a small coin that is then put into boxes. These boxes are housed, by thousands, in the Aereo data center. When you choose a show, you get a little box and another box when you want to record a live show. Shows are streamed over the internet through a web browser. Right now, Aereo’s rates are pretty reasonable for people who aren't into as much of sports as they are into broadcast TV.

Aereo has a pretty wide coverage. You can access service on Apple TV and devices, including the iPhone, Mac and iPad, Windows PC and Roku’s set top box. Android devices should be added sometime this year. There’s seamless watching option for up to 5 devices which means if you’re watching a show on your TV at home and need to leave to see a friend, you can continue to watch the same show, on your tablet, while riding the subway. The only issue here, like we have discussed, is that the service is not available in the suburbs, so you might not be able to take full advantage of this aspect of the service. You and a friend could watch different shows at the same time, but not the same show on different gadgets.

It’s when you make a comparison with other recording services that Aereo’s uniqueness comes in. With the others, shows are not available some time in a week after it is first aired. With Aereo, you can start watching even before the show has ended on television. You can even skip the advertisements; you’ll get the same ones as the TV audience does. Your shows will remain until you either run out of space or delete them yourself.

Aereo is TV on the internet which means video quality depends on how good your internet connection is. It can look great, for instance, on a high-definition TV and might struggle a bit on a small laptop that connects using Wi-Fi. And in the cases of storms, it isn't reliable at all - something the competition, especially Hulu and good old fashioned cable is.

Aereo has quick connect to shows from CW, Fox, NBC and ABC. Also CBS and PBS accessibility. That makes it attractive. But a huge point of concern is how long it will all last. Copyright infringement lawsuits have been filed against the company that insists, because of the presence of individual antennas, its service is above board. It’s a good concept, so enjoy it while you can. Visit the official site to try Aereo for free 

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