Guest Post: Keep Your Business Safe with Advanced Security Systems

Do you worry about the security of your business? When the office is unattended are you confident that it is secure? Monitoring systems could put your mind at rest.

Whether you own a store, a small office, or a warehouse, the security of your premises should be one of your primary concerns. Theft and vandalism are serious issues for all sizes of company, but there are things that you can do to protect your business and make yourself a less likely target.

Most cases of theft and vandalism are committed by opportunists. The criminals see an unprotected property and decide to take the chance to steal or damage property. An example of this would be a thief taking small items from unsecure and unattended booth in a secluded area of a trade show hall. It is rare that a business is singled out by a determined thief unless it is well-known that there is something valuable in the property. Integrated security systemscan make your property a less tempting target.

Closed circuit televisions, burglar alarms and access management systems can all be used to protect your business - both from outsiders and from people who work for you but who are not in highly trusted positions. Integrated security systems can be used to track who accesses each room and when they do so.

Remote Monitoring for Peace of Mind
One of the best features of modern security systems is the ability to monitor them remotely. If you go away to a trade fair, or are unable to get to the office for a few days because of extreme weather, you can always log in to your security systems via their online control panel and "check in" to make sure that the building is still secure.
Many of the more sophisticated security systems can be pre-programmed to alert someone if there is a breach of security. They may be linked up to a specialist security firm or to the local police station. You can also have alerts sent to your phone or email address, ensuring that if something is wrong you will know about it immediately.

Sophisticated Access Control
If you run a large office then you may want to restrict access to some rooms, such as the server room or the manager's office, so that only key personnel can unlock the doors. While you could do this with a traditional key, there is the risk of the key being copied, lost or stolen. Electronic access control systems which use an ID token are easier to manage and less susceptible to security breaches. If an employee leaves the company or changes department then their access rights can be altered as appropriate.

Investing in security is one of the best things that you could do for your business. Many insurance companies offer lower premiums for companies that show that they are takingsecurity seriously. In addition, the peace of mind that you gain from having a good, easy to monitor security system is not to be underestimated.

Michael Gill is a CCTV engineer and integrated security specialist from the East Midlands. He is an avid technology enthusiast and combines his passions to write about security and monitoring systems including access control systems for a range of tech websites.