GUEST POST: Feeling Down? Try Turning to Tom and Jerry for Help

If you're feeling a bit down and want to get away from it all, watching cartoons might not be the first thing that comes to mind. This article looks at how escaping to a world where good triumphs can help. There are no unexpected endings and you can have a good laugh along the way.

Tom and Jerry, the animated cat and mouse characters, are Hanna and Barbera's greatest creation and have an enduring appeal. The never-ending rivalry between the two, the comic violence and the fast paced animation have made them a firm favourite with children and adults alike over decades. Their influence can be seen far and wide, such as in The Simpson's Itchy & Scratchy Show. But why are they such a good antidote to a spot of the blues?

A reminder of times past

Who doesn't recall begin transfixed by cartoons, particularly Tom and Jerry, when a child? Whether it was a Saturday morning staple, when you were feeling poorly or as a special treat, if you tuned in to watch Tom and Jerry, you were guaranteed to be entertained.

Whilst some programmes don't age well, if you now watch Tom and Jerry as an adult you will find yourself similarly amused. The trademark slapstick humour transcends age, allows you to relive happy childhood memories and simply take a break from being a grown up.

Having a brief opportunity to forget about your problems and laugh will do you the world of good. Your body will release endorphins and these will make you feel physically and emotionally much better. The simple pleasures, after all, do often work best.

A world that makes sense

It's not just about reliving your childhood, however, but also about making sense of the world. The plot in the Tom and Jerry cartoons is simple. Tom wants to catch Jerry and devises new and ingenious ways to do so. Jerry, who is craftier than Tom, evades him. This is not a cartoon about hatred, however. Whatever the reason for Tom and Jerry's conflict, they can overcome their differences and work together to overcome a common enemy such as Spike the dog.

This storyline, which is played in different ways in the different episodes, offers a simple escapism to those who need it. It is about the little guy winning. It is about never giving up or giving in. The physical humour, as well as being funny, is straightforward and engaging, making Tom and Jerry appealing to everyone, from the very young to the very old and regardless of what language a person speaks.

Returning to cartoons such as Tom and Jerry can, therefore, be a great way to help ward off the blues. You'll get that warm feeling that comes from reliving childhood memories and enjoying them again. You'll also get psychological benefit. This is, after all, a programme about triumphing in adversity and against the odds. Of course, you'll get to see a mouse blowing up a cat repeatedly. What more could you ask for?

AUTHOR BIO : Lisa is associated with cartoon network community and she loves to impart her knowledge on kids games via her articles. She believes, when you watch Tom and Jerry, or any kind of cartoon, you get involved with the characters and the universe in which they live.