ENTERTAINMENT: From The Makers Of Rebecca Black's Friday Comes A New Horribly Catchy Tune Called Skip Rope.

Patrice Wilson has has been criticized as being the worst music producer in the world. After he brought out songs like Rebecca Black's Friday and Nicole Westbrook's thanksgiving song he has been branded a fail by many. However, despite the criticism Patrice Wilson keeps on producing songs and keeps on getting a crap-ton of hate for it.

To begin the year 2013, Patrice teamed up with a girl group called Tweenchronic and produced a song called Skip rope. The song is kind of catchy but still as corny as his other failed hits. The music video for the song bellowed into the deep recesses of dislike and hate kind of the way Rebecca Black's Friday did.  But I actually think it's a great song. I don't know why people don't like it, it's kind of catchy. Check out the video below and decide for yourself.