CELEBS: Rick Ross Sues Rick Ross.

Will the real Rick Ross please stand up, because apparently two grown men find it fit to fight over a name. According to reports, a drug trafficker by the name of Rick Ross is suing the rap star, Rick Ross for allegedly stealing his name to build his career. Drug dealing Rick Ross is considered one of the kingpins in the drug trafficking game. He was very well known in the hood for his drug empire in LA in the 80’s.

The drug dealing Rick Ross was in jail for a while and was apparently pissed off at the rapping Rick Ross for misusing and abusing his name to build his fame in the US. The trial is set for August 2013 and chances are, Rick Ross is going to have to change his name. I think a great name for the super star will be something like Notorious B.I.G K.F.C. In case you didn't know, Rick Ross's real name is William Roberts.

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