BREAKING NEWS: Rick Ross Shot At In Drive By Shooting Attempt

Just a few days after Rick Ross was sued by drug pusher, Rick Ross for stealing his name, he was shot at in a drive by shooting. I don't know if it was linked because i'm sure that's not the only trouble Rick Ross got himself in for the year. To get that story click here. Luckily, Rick Ross wasn't injured in the drive by but it was obvious that the driver's intention was to either kill the rapper or send a warning. The only real damage that was done to the rapper was when he crashed his expensive Rolls Royce into a building at Fort Lauderdale around 5am today. He crashed his vehicle while trying to escape from the gunfire.

According to reports from TMZ, a car pulled up beside the Rolls Royce and dozens of shots were fired at it  but none of them hit the car. Rick Ross was accompanied by a female passenger when the incident happen.

Before the gunfire, Rick Ross was celebrating his birthday at the LIV nightclub in Miami. On his way from the party the incident occurred. No arrests have been made in connection with the shooting but let's just thank God that Rick Ross didn't manage to get shot.

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