WEIRD: Santa Claus Has Been Caught And Arrested!!!

Old St. Nick appears to be making the naughty list this year with his heinous and illegal activity at Austin Texas. According to reports the Police department at Austin Texas manged to arrest Santa Claus on charges of criminal mischief after writing with chalk on the grounds of the state Capitol building.

The video along with a press release was uploaded to youtube after, and became viral.

"Today I saw the jolly red elf at the Capitol, cheerfully requesting that children write their wishes for a better world in chalk on the sidewalk. Santa said his favorite word was 'Community.' Various children wrote words like 'Peace,' 'Friendship,' and 'Grace,'" Occupy Austin's Lainie Duro, a witness to the arrest, said in the statement.

It was also noted by bystanders that Santa wasn't the only one writing on the grounds. Some children and other adults were also writng on the grounds but in the video, peace officers can be heard saying that the man, identified by the American-Statesman as James Peterson, was the only person drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.

Just to note, the man being arrested isn't the real Santa Claus but a man dressed as Santa Claus. Check out the video below.