WEIRD: The Longest Word In The English Language Takes 213 Minutes To Read.

Am I the only fool that though supercalifagilisticespialadocious was the longest word in the English language? Well the longest word is like a million times longer than that. The longest word in the English dictionary is actually the name of the giant protein called Titin which is responsible for the elasticity of muscles. It is one of if not the biggest protein in the human body. Proteins are usually named by joining together the names of the chemicals that make them

The word starts with "Methio" and ends with "Leucine", has 189,819 letters and takes 213 minutes to say. Although it qualifies as the largest word in the English language, don't expect to find it in the dictionary. The longest regular word to appear in the dictionary -- "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis" which is only a 45 letters in length, reported, adding that some lexicographers aren't sure whether the name of a chemical actually qualifies as a word.

"If I had to learn this word for my exam I wouldn't have even attempted to" Quote by Trinikid

Okay, to see the entire word visit Answers.Yahoo

Below is Golubovskiy reading the longest word in the English language.