TRINIDAD: Who Won Digicel Stars Trinidad And Tobago 2012?

The finals of Digicel stars 2012 was jam packed with performances, with artistes like Kes, Ravi B, and Ravi B's lizard friend gracing the stage. However, there was a main purpose to be achieved in the show and that was to reveal the Digicel star 2012. The person who would walk away with the sum total of $250,000TT from Digicel.

After a long wait of almost two hours, the beautiful Serala announced the winner. The Digicel star 2012 is.......................D Gift. The news was a bit shocking because the crowd seemed to have enjoyed Iziah more than the D Gift, but I think the people have spoken and the people said that they wanted D Gift to win, so they won, no doubting that.

On a side note, I think that the performance by Iziah and D Gift was very epic and I think that they both should collab on a music video or on the stage in the near future. I'll be there for sure, because singing and dancing go hand and hand and Iziah and D Gift are a perfect fit. They are both winners in their own right if you ask me.

Congratulations to D Gift on their success and I wish them much more success in the future.