TRINIDAD: Two Pitbulls Attack An Arima Woman.. One Escapes.

I have a friend with a pitbull and he stated that pitbulls aren't really violent, there is just a stigma attached to them because of the media. Well I can now safely say that he was talking a pack of shit. You don't ever hear about a pompec or a poodle mauling people in the streets. Do you?

Anyway, according to reports, on Sunday at 7 p.m,  Karen Lara , 22, was near her Cinnamon Crescent home in Santa Rosa when a pair of pitbulls attacked her. Her screams alerted the police over at Pinto Road Police Post causing two on duty officers to investigate. By the time the officers reached one of the dogs already had a firm hold of Karen on the ground and refused to let go despite the prompts of the officers.

One of the officers decided to shoot one of the dogs to its death but the other one got away and is now somewhere in the country rampant.

Lara in the meantime was taken to the Arima District Hospital with injuries to her face and buttocks.
According to her relatives, Lara was then moved from the Arima Hospital to another medical institution which they did not want to name.


  1. dogs behave according to how they are reared. If the dog was trained to attack that's what it would do. I've lived in a home with pitbull dogs that were nothing but gentle loving idiots. Why, because they received nothing but tlc from the day they were born. And yes, I've encountered pompeks that can gouge out yuh ankles if given a chance.


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