TRINIDAD: Princes Town Man Crushed To Death While Working On The San Fernando To Point Fortin Highway.

It's always sad news to hear about the death of someone, especially the death of a hard working father simply trying to support his family. According to reports, a 45 year old father from Princes Town named Ronnie Deonarine was crushed to death while working along the Golconda to Debe section of the Point Fortin to San Fernando Highway early yesterday morning. He got crushed by a steam roller.

The construction of that part of the highway is not the one under the controversy of the Dr. Kublalsingh hunger strike, but the Debe to Mon Desir. If it was that highway, we would have been in for quite a story.

Anyway, the police reported that the incident happened around 8:30 am when Ronnie was attempting to drive a steam roller unto a trailer truck. The steam roller skidded in the process and Ronnie jumped out of it but got injured whilst doing so. Ronnie Deonarine was a heavy machine equipment operator at Junior Sammy Contractors Limited.

One of Deonarine's relatives witnessed the incident and made the following statement.

"Deonarine attempted to come off of the vehicle, but he was struck on his left leg. He may have gotten internal injuries to that leg and bled to death.” the relative said. Deonarine was the father of 15-year-old Dillion Deonarine. Only last month Deonarine’s mother died.

We lost our mother on November 24 and since then life has never been the same. We are still coming to terms with her death. And only to hear this morning that Ronnie dead,” said one of Deonarine’s brothers who asked not to be named. “It’s so sad. It’s a double tragedy for our family with no warning,” he added. The brother said he last spoke with Deonarine a few days ago. Deonarine was described as “a beautiful individual”.

He was always looking after others. He was a family-oriented person and always in church,” a relative said.

Junior Sammy Contractors Limited stated that the accident is currently under investigation by the police and other government agencies and should be completed “very soon