TRINIDAD: Fire In San Fernando Leaves 8 Homeless For The Christmas Season

In the heart of all the rustle and bustle of the Christmas season, a once house dwelling family became homeless in only a few seconds. The Shah family lost their two storey home yesterday to a fire in Gransaul Street in San Fernando . The eight members of the family which includes three children are now homeless.

No one was injured as Nadine Shah, 39, managed to escape her death thanks to the shouts of neighbors. She was asleep in the house shortly before mid day when the house became gutted with fire. Shah, a nursing assistant at the San Fernando General Hospital, said she managed to rush to safety but all she managed to save was her cellular phone. Relatives estimate losses at $2 million.

I jumped up from my sleep, grabbed my phone and ran out. I was not thinking straight. The inside was looking similar to an overcast cloud. Within a matter of seconds, when I reached downstairs, the entire structure was in flames. I never knew fire could have spread so quickly,” Nadine reported.

She lived on the top floor with her mother Molly, husband and two children, aged ten and 22.

The Shah family is tragedy ridden because in 2010, Shah's 12-year-old son, Andre Shah, was found hanging from a towel in a bathroom and then four months later a motorist discovered the bullet-riddled bodies of Shah’s brother, Gary Shah, 35, and another man, in a car parked in the middle of a road in Penal. Then to top it all off, the incident that occurred yesterday.

Right now we need all the help we can get. My brother was killed and I also lost my son Andre. I do not know what is going to happen and Christmas is here. The fire appeared to have been started in my mother’s room. We lost everything and this house was rewired a few years ago,” Shah said yesterday.

Fire officials are yet to determine the cause of the fire and investigations are continuing.