TRINIDAD: Digicel Stars Trinidad And Tobago 2012 Episode 6 Review And Recap.

Digicel Stars 2012 has really started to heat up and all the talents are getting bigger and better. So that means   I can't be too critical because frankly there isn't much to be critical about. Therefore I'll be forced to write comments such as, "It was great!" "Superb!" Excellent performance!" "Fantastic!" BLEH!!

The three acts to make it to the next round of the show are as follows

1. D'Gift
2. Iziah Kanhai
3. Daniel King.

1. Iziah Kanhai

Iziah's act was awesome. I loved it, not only his voice but his performance. He was world class and showed everyone why he deserves to be in the top 3. I will go to one of his concerts if he has one.

2. D'Gift

I was always a fan of D'Gift, they are always a surprise especially the female member. I think she looks HOT dashing. The performance was really great, nothing really to complain about. I loved the whole African civilisation mixed with the Caribbean flavour mesh up. D'Gift was awesome.

3. Daniel King

I think out of the other two acts, Daniel King is the weakest links, but that's just my opinion. His voice was great but his hand gestures were just a little off if you ask me. He is quite a talent though and has the potential to go really far once he works on his performing skills a little more.